Building Right Relationships is a website offering resources on how individuals especially singles can build strong relationships with the friends, family, co-workers and spouces.

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Welcome to Building Right Relationships, a non-profit organization providing online resources on how to establish, develop, grow and maintain successful relationships in every facet of life. Life is all about relationships and our ability to harness them successfully will have a strong impact on every area of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical well-being. We hope you find the life principles, tools and resources on our website very helpful in strengthening your life and those of the people within your sphere of influence.

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About Us

Sewun and Adenyke Israel-Bolarinwa, the founders of Building Right Relationships, started dating in their college years. After seven years of a long distance relationship, eleven years of marriage and three adorable daughters, they have harnessed their life experiences and passion into a ministry that supports the youth, singles and young married adults in their quest to build and foster successful relationships in every area of their life. They have also drawn from their years of experience as business owners to develop corporate programs on building successful relationships, being resilient in tough times and strategies to grow and increase your organization after a downturn.