Building Right Relationships offers both corporate and personal programs aimed at developing important skills such as communication, consensus building, conflict resolution, networking and personal development. We conduct conferences, seminars, workshops, media and training programs to teach, educate, train and empower individuals and organizations on how to improve their personal and business.
Personal Programs (Singles/Dating):
PICK Program:
Is there really any explanation for why love is blind? Do we have any hope for learning how to avoid marrying a jerk or jerkette (this program is for BOTH male and female)? The answer is a resounding... YES!!!!  You need to know what to look for in order to shape an accurate profile of the person you are dating. And your heart needs to know how to keep proper balances between the bonding forces which form the attachment in your growing relationship. In this five session program, you will discover the practical life skills to making this choices and much more.

Premarital Class:
This is a six week class that teaches practical tools to help engaged couples build the foundations for a lasting marriage. We will look at topics that address:

  • the importance of commitment
  • how to recognize and appreciate your differences
  • the art of communication and resolving conflict
  • the importance of spending time together and nurturing your friendship
  • meeting needs and making each other feel loved
  • developing a good sexual relationship
  • the importance of talking about your goals, values and dreams

Couples Programs (Married): Path to Oneness:
During the first five years of marriage, most newly-wed couples face what is known as the “Merge Crisis”. This is because the path to oneness and togetherness in marriage often has a lot of challenges. In this 8 week class, we will teach couples practical tools that address:

  • understanding each other’s needs
  • how to deal with disappointments and unmet expectations
  • how to recognize and stop negative behaviors and attitudes
  • understanding your communication style
  • improving relationships with in-laws, extended family and friends
  • develop greater physical, emotional and sexual intimacy and much more

Corporate Programs: Building iTeam Relationships:
this is an interactive training workshop for organizations interested in building successful work teams. Using our proven iTeam principles, learn how to develop personal relationships with members of your team, resolve conflict and communicate effectively. Understand the intricate steps of how to empower individuals to be the ‘I” so the “TEAM” can have all round success.

Effective Communication in iTeams:
to foster effective business relationships, it’s important for an organization to understand its unique corporate communication style. Your organization’s culture speaks volumes but do you employees understand. In this training workshop, we will identify your organization’s corporate language and explore the verbal and non-verbal communication tools in place. We will train your employees to communicate effectively with internal staff and external clients, customers or members.

Developing a Global iTeam:
in the new age of global economy and technologies, how do you maintain your organization’s presence and sustain competition in your industry - by creating a strong, cohesive global team irrespective of their geographic location. Using our proven iTeam principles, discover how to build your organization’s iTeam, reach your new global market, speak their “product” language and build interpersonal relationships across boundary lines.

Relationships University:
Life is about relationships! While the average individual invests about four years in college education to prepare for their professional vocation, most people get into marriage, a life-long commitment, with little or no training on how to build a marriage and family. Successful marriages are not automatic; it takes work and knowledge on the principles that make it work. For more information about our classes, contact